Go Hawks!

I remember the heartbreak of ’71, and I was alive for the last Stanley Cup in ’61, but just barely and hardly cognizant. Winning the Stanley Cup is a big deal and I really enjoyed watching it happen. I guess I was really a bandwagon Black Hawks fan this year, once they got into the playoffs, but in the old days I would go with Clem to see the Hawks at the old Chicago Stadium. Now that was a sports venue – not the carpets and dessert carts and shopping mall stadiums of today, but an impossibly loud, crowded, foul-smelling place that was about sweat, not endorsements. Even during the Stanley Cup Finals the television commentators remarked on the old stadium, how its roof was actually designed as the sounding board for the organ. The Madhouse on Madison. It was loud. I can remember shimmying along the wall at the far end of the seating, barely space for one person to squeeze behind the seats, and the garbage-strewn staircases. The whole place felt and smelled like a locker room, tawdry and untidy and without pretension.

I am always protesting that I am not nostalgic, but I think I was just then..


One Response to “Go Hawks!”

  1. adgorn Says:

    You can see some of the remnants of the reliefs from around the top of the stadium at St. Ignatius.

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