Pay to Preserve?

Well, Blagojevich is going down. I actually downloaded and read the indictment yesterday and it was gripping stuff, trying to take apart a newspaper and sell a Senate seat. I wonder if the Tribune might have avoided bankruptcy if Blago hadn’t disrupted the Wrigley sale – but heck, at least he is selling a lot of newspapers this week. Amazing stuff – right out of George Washington Plunkett. He seen his opportunities and he took ‘em and he kept takin’ ‘em even when they were breathing down his neck.

So, now the historic site closings make a little more sense – maybe someone didn’t ante up. This makes sites like Frank Lloyd Wright’s STUNNING Dana-Thomas House in Springfield look better – being frozen out by a toxic Governor is a badge of honor, or at least honesty. In several previous blogs I was trying to figure out the economic sense of closing these sites, because it didn’t make economic sense. But I was looking at it from the point of view of a public balance sheet of income and expenses, not the point of view of Blagojevich’s back pocket. Now it makes sense.

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