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Can You See This?

September 2, 2010

A company named Woodstar Products in Wisconsin can’t. On the left is the design for a carriage door we sent them. On the right is the door they sent. Do these look the same to you?

To anyone who looks at things – or designs things – there is a significant difference. The most dramatic shift is of course the size of the window openings in relation to the door. Nearly as dramatic is the division between the window openings, which has dwindled from SOMETHING in the design to BARELY ANYTHING in the executed door. These are of course the scourge of our modern world, the internal plastic way-too-thin mutins put into every double-glazed window today. Aesthetically, they have the same effect as putting masking tape on windows.

Now I suppose we should take some responsibility for this – Woodstar asked if we wanted double glazing and we responded affirmatively. Why not? The mutins in the original design certainly had the 2-inch width needed for double glazing. I was assuming they would build the doors like Lee Lumber would. Instead, they threw the most common off-the-shelf window in there and made the rest of the door to fit.

The result of course, is that all of the proportions are off. The windows are too high and the wrong shape. The door’s overall dimensions are correct, but the relationship between the parts is altered in almost every respect.

Can’t they see this? I think Woodstar’s deficiencies are shared by many people, who simply don’t see design and proportion. Why this lack of visual sense is found among those who design and build things is the real question. They also charged $600 for fence-gate hardware that can be had at Menard’s for less than $200, so mucking up the design in order to make it fit a cheapo stock window fits their pattern, but it of course leaves us with the problem of trying to fix something that was made wrong.