Had to drive to Watsonville twice yesterday. Town founded in 1852 and there is a full range of architectural styles on display, from the Italianate of the 1850s in the famed downtown Mansion House (With a Classical Chicago Skyscraper next door)
mans house
To many many classic California bungalows
cali bunga
And plenty of those little shotgun Victorian cottages that are ubiqquitous in NorCal, sort of the 1890s version of the ranch house
twin vicottage
purple vicottage
And this cool Shingle style cottage
If you want the joys of Classical ornament, you can find it both downtown
and in the neighborhoods
classical entry
Classical wall
gothic churches, spanish colonial of course
span colo
and this marvelous 1850s Italianate cottage right out of Alexander Jackson Davis’ patternbook
Downtown has a Main Street with several intact early 20th century “highrises”
downtown hotel
ad 1911
While neighborhoods feature every kind of Victorian styling
high stair vic
and there is doubtless more….
corner vic



3 Responses to “Watsonville”

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    […] The town is way down in the South Bay next to San Jose, and is the gateway to Santa Cruz on the coast. Indeed, we live in the Santa Cruz mountains just over the county line but we are still scholastically and politically within Los Gatos, although its downtown is about 10 miles away. The town began, if I can believe the historic plaques along the onetime railroad in the town square, in the middle of the 19th century, which again is common for this part of the country (see my summer blog on Watsonville.) […]

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    […] Watsonville | Time Tells * 6th June 2013 | Jean a drawing a day * she sells seashells | scissors, glue & […]

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    […] Oh, you can see my posts extolling the architectural history of Los Gatos and Santa Cruz as well, not to mention Watsonville. […]

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