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The premise of the internet blog is the same as the premise of the 1960s pirate radio station, the 1910s literary journal or the 1770s broadside: you can say whatever you want, partially cloaked by relative anonymity and fueled by the rapid-fire immediacy of the medium. I had this impish thought about podcasting the meeting I was in a week ago Tuesday, but the fact is that I can’t say anything about it to anyone until next week. This is not unusual –more than occasionally I possess embargoed information or insights, and their confidence is kept by human, not technological means.

The immediacy and efficacy of the latest media seems apparent in any number of stories – from the sublime: the inability of the American and Chinese governments to effectively stage manage the coverage of wars and police actions; to the ridiculous: gulp-by-gulp accounts of the latest Disney Channel druggie. And then you have the people who don’t have little lawyers in their brain who get on a rant about their employer or competitor or whomever and end of getting fired or discredited. This happens a lot in academia, which like the Disney Channel supports arrested development and harbors more than its fair share of passive aggressives.

Unlike the historical media mentioned the internet has a very personal and private interface, which means it is well suited for passive aggressives. It was developed for universities and the military (and whoever invented it should get a Nobel Prize☺) but its bread and butter is pornography, which tells you something about the intimacy of the interface and how users can operate in a public realm without any sensation of public responsibility. Hence, rants and attacks that went on in your head suddenly become mini-press releases and your warped inner workings are unfolded for all (some, really) to see.

The thing everyone loves about this current medium is its immediacy – Dave Matthews wrote and produced a distributed a song – with a full band – in one day. That’s good. But when it comes to the crazy things you say in your head, that’s bad. Should we require a cooling-off period before the purchase of a Saturday Night Special web log?

Fortunately in this blog my discourse avoids the personal, which is just as well because we’ve been through a hell of a year….


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