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Well, today’s surprise in the voting for is Von Steuben High School. Somebody must have gotten an alumni list – or better, a student list and those high schoolers are flooding their votes in and have kicked it up into second place. A more internet-savvy generation might have figured out how to network more votes. Chinatown is holding firm in first place, and however they are voting – it is working – they have maintained a several point lead over the others since Day 1. The Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in Oak Park are also holding up, likely benefitting from the fact that they are the most well-known – a triumph of sorts for traditional art history. I am glad to see the South Side Community Arts Center making a comeback, although of course a bit disappointed that Pleasant Home and Roger Brown have dipped in the standings. I am still surprised at the Viking Ship – I suppose it got the most press on the Endangered List last spring, but I still can’t figure how it is getting all those votes. Aurora is also holding firm, and I am glad to see Holy Trinity and Humboldt Park rising. I am worried that the Great Lakes Building needs more support in order to convince the Navy that it is worth preserving. It seems that “community landmarks” are doing better now, although I suppose you could argue that high-style architecture is doing well, what with the Frank Lloyd Wrights and the rising Louis Sullivan. Almost a month left – it will be fun to watch!

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