sold field west

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Okay class, here is the quiz for Monday January 22, 2007. Last year Soldier Field was stripped of its National Historic Landmark status thanks to the methamphetamodernist addition put on four years ago. Now that the Bears have won a championship in the stadium with snow falling like confetti and George Halas’ daughter accepting the trophy, will the new Soldier Field have enough history to qualify for landmark status again in the future?

The Bears used this public stadium ten times this year, the absolute maximum possible. The old Soldier Field had a bevy of stories, from the 1986 championship back to famous boxing matches, auto shows, rock concerts, college football games and even some of the events the place was built for – track and field. So I don’t think yesterday can do it alone.

I have lunches today, tomorrow and Wednesday. I had lunches last Tuesday through Friday: Landmarks Illinois Board; Chicago Public Housing Museum; Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation; Gaylord Building. Today I welcome SAIC transfer students and tomorrow I think it is about our Weishan project and Wednesday is our Faculty Meeting before the semester begins. And they call it winter break….


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